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The acromyn Et4G stands for "Everything For God" is a non-profit organisation providing mentoring programmes for young adults between the ages of 15years to 25 years old in the UK, without discriminating others who may need support. We are based in the south east. See our contact section for details. Et4G aims to work in partnerships with local colleges, the police, local authorities and the court system (particularly for young people).   Et4G’s goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote socio-educational awareness through social interaction, sports, education, music, drama, motivational speaking, life coaching and ministry.   Our application is holistic using common sense and streetwise approach.


As a social enterprise, Et4G creates business opportunities for the locals including the over 18s to engage in business with the public.   See our business opportunity section. 



Our mission is to :Educate, Inspire, Mentor, Motivate,Empower, Challenge and Support young people:

·   Inspiring young people through mentoring, awareness programmes and facilitation

·  Responsibility: Taking responsibility and empowering self.

· Respect: For others attracts reciprocal respect from others.

· Support: Support system can help turn around young people and adult lives by instilling a sense of hope in the future. Et4G, in partnership with the authorities, churches and similar organisation wants to be there for young people and young adults.



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We welcome donations and are always seeking volunteers to help support our programmes in Bromley.

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Et4G aims to promote awareness and support programmes for young people in the South East, particularly those who have fallen or are falling out of mainstream education.

70 percent of the programmes for the under 18s when it commences will be delivered by qualified people from various professional field of work via podcast and You Tube and the rest would be by trained vetted volunteer mentors, life coaches and motivational speakers.

* Awareness of the Impact and implication of gun and knife crimes

*Awareness of various opportunities available and support

*Awareness and pitfalls behind celebrity (illusion) culture

The local authority and the Police will have access to all the programmes for the under 18s at all times.  It is anticipated that the local authority and Police may screen these programmes before they are aired.

About 50 percent of the adult programmes will be delivered via podcast and the other 50 percent will be through social (Christian)  network events, workshops, ministry etc at locations to be confirmed before each event.

 Who work for or support us

Volunteer specialists: psychologists, social workers, teachers, retired professionals, trainee nurses, undergraduate doctors, sociologists, lawyers, church leaders.  The list is not exhaustive. 


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