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 Promoting Mentoring Programme for  Young Adults
 Sign Posting For Counselling
Signposting Young People to various career opportunities
Ministery, podcasting, YouTube and venues to be confirmed
Motivational Speaking at various venues across the south east
Programmes include but not limited to:
Self help projects, facilitating group discussions, panel reviews and views, contemporary issues,social justice, Crime reduction : gun and knife, examining sections and passages of the bilbe, motivational speaking, life coach sessions, life skills, lyrics and movies analysis as they impact the lives of young adults.
Some of our programmes will be delivered by podcast, you tube, facebook leaflets, newsletters etc.
Our experienced fundraising staff are available by arrangement to help or support your fundraising requirements.
In addition, we have various fundraising and gift aid that may support your requirements.


Events Management
Our experienced events managers are available by arrangement to help or support your requirements from inceptiont to the end.
We cater for most types of events:
Organising parties
Christian Social Networking Events
Social Networking Events
Conferences etc.
Please contact us for further details or if your requirement is not stated above and would like to make an enquiry.

Our Work
Currently we are engaging with over 18s across the south east introducing our services, values and goals.  This is facilitating community cohession, harmanoy and the breaking of cultural barriers.
As part of our work we engage, motivate, challenge, sign post and inspire the over 18s across the south east.   We meet the over 18s at various venues suach as gospel wine bars, restaurants, social network events, local churches, local library, NHS, clinics, barber shops, beauty salons etc 
Curently we a in the process of looking for a suitable office premisses in order to facilitate our programmes.

Security Services Brokerage
Et4G has partnered with leading security firms and self employed security officers to contract out security officers.  All the security officers are SIA certified and CRB vetted.

We can supply:
Static Security Officers
Patrol Security Officers
Dog Handlers
CCTV Monitoring Officers
Door Security Officers

Our clients include but not limited to:
Social Events Organisers etc

Please contact the at administrator@et4g.co.uk  for enquiries and or further details. Alternatively you could contact us on 0208 425 1372. 
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