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Educational & Motivational Project For Young People
ET4G are proud to announce that we have in partnership with U.Incorpoated secured funding for the above project.
Date, time and venue of the project to be posted on our website in due course under the information notice board section. Also publicity will be done through flyers distribution, mail shot, etc
We await further funding from another source for similar project for intergeneration.
Downham BME Survey
ET4G have been commissioned by Downham Community Engagement Group (DCEG) to conduct a survey into the requirements of the black minority ethnic (BME) Community in Downham Ward.
We were awarded the sum of £900 conduct the survey.
Please feel free to open the and print the PDF below, answer the questions, scan and return to us via email or by post.
Please note this survey is only open to the BME community in the Downham Ward. Thank you.
We completed our consultation process in June 2011, including fine tuning of programmes, ensuring that all policy, practices and procedures meet legal requirements. 

Following our awareness day programme held in June in the southwest, we can confirm that 90 percent of those who turned up were impressed with our programme of menu. We can also confirm that 60 percent of the guests were young people who were happy with the varying programme of menu we are involved with. This brings to conclusion our consultation process.

Donation was received on the day. Please contact the administrator for further details at

We are currently looking to work in partnership with local authority on programmes for young people in the southeast.
 Et4G will give a publication date when these programmes will commence.

If you are interested in any of the above please contact the    by email or  phone on 0208 425 1372 with your details.

New Year Message

ET4G would like to wish all our volunteer staff, partners, donors and supporters a happy and prosperous New Year.


Joe Cobham



BCS Environmental Solutions is a subsidiary of ET4G Limited

 BCS aims to support local residetns in the magagement of their waste and in the Winter months our snow marshalls would provide support to the local residents who subscribe to oue scheme. 
To make it happen, BCS partnerships with licensed waste carriers to transport reclyable items to prescribed and designated depots.
See what we have coming up soon:
Family Pages
Balancing The Balance Of Power
ET4G's Before You Leave The House Reminders
How To Avoid Tricks Of The Mind 

Sign Posting and much more....
If you are interested in learning about how to install gas boilers. Main Heating a offering a free training course. visit

 Dear Family/Friends,

We have made it through 2011 into 2012, of God’s making.

May peace, understanding and God's will prevail throughout the world.

Let us release our grudges, anger and pains, for these are nothing but binding chains. Let us live each day in the most loving ways, the God-conscious way. Let us serve all who are in need, regardless of race, colour or creed. May God continue to grant us wisdom & grace in 2012 and beyond in Jesus name-Amen.

On behalf of Et4G, have a happy New Year. 1/1/12

Why not join our Table Tennis Club
we are starting a table tennis club in the Downham area. Please keep checking this page for update.  To view pictures of the table tennis see below attachments.

 Dear All,

First Anniversary of ET4G Limited

We would like to thank all those who have and those who continue to support us. 

We have come a long way.  Without your supported we would not have achieved and survived thus far.

We mark today, 6 October 2011, as our first anniversary. In commemoration of our first anniversary we will be launching our news letter called Reaching Outt.  Our first issue was published in the last week of November 2011, and will be every quarter thereafter.

See a copy of our newsletter below.

Once again, many thanks.

Joe Cobham


6 October 2011

Et4G Limited would like to announce that we have severed ties with Sankofa Restaurant with immediate effect.


July 2011.

Quick Information
Our accounts will be made available on request and not announced and posted every quarter as previous ly mentioned, due to time constraints.



Yes I Can - Educational & Motivational Project For Youths
Date: 26 January 2013
venue: 2 Shroffold Road
Bromley, BR1 5EL
Time : 10am - 1pm. 
Dance afterwards: (1pm - 2pm) Dancing competition, raffle & fastest texter competition. Win surprises
 Please see flyer below titled Yes I Can Youths Project 
Please contact the programme coordinator on 07958734835.
Honorary Young Ambassador

Jean Njihia has been awarded an honorary award as ET4G young ambassador in recognition of her academic pursuit, support to and from her family and also as a role model to younger people.


Management would like to endorse and wish Miss Jean Njihia good luck in her beauty pageant contest endeavour at  

Phoenix Housing Celebrated Diversity Day on 27 October 2012 at the Downham Health & Leisure Centre.

ET4G were honoured to have been invited and given a stall at the Phoenx Diversity Day celebration.
The events were colourful and well attended by diversity of people. We enjoyed every act from Karaoke fun songs to the steel band. We enjoyed them all.
We give special thanks to Darlene Martin and Yvette Hinds for inviting ET4G and making us feel welcome. 
ET4G members and friends who attaneded were Donna Marie-Newton, Joe Cobham, Debra Viller, Jo Hatigan, Hanita Hatigan, Sarah Cobham & Joseph Cobham (respectively). See our oxs below.
Life Coaching  Workshop
Date: 24 November 2012
venue: Avonmouth House, Avonmouth Street
London, SE1 6NX
Time : 9.30am - 1pm

See Flyers below 
Please contact the programme coordinator on 07958734835.
 administrator for general details at or on 020 3632 5396.

We at Et4G would like to issue the following statement

Following the recent criminality in some parts of England which started as a riot by a tiny minority of some young people.

Our hearts goes out to the victim's families and friends, we also like to greatly commend the efforts of those 99percent of responsible young people who did not take part, refused to take part, families who reported those members of their families who did, the community who stood close together in solidarity and the police.

On the other hand we pray for that tiny minority of young people who took part in the criminal riot and continue to work with those young people we can in partnership with the community, local authority, businesses, churches, other organisations and the police.

The under lying issues include but not limited to: marginalisation of young people, bad example by some adults, some politicians, some leaders, lack of good parenting, not enough good role models, absence of the other parent in the home, greed, inordinate or insatiable consumer society, breakdown of family values, unemployment, glamorisation of crime by the media, gang culture, misuse of technology, etc

Part of the solution would be continued directional engagement with and by empowerment of the young people, addressing social justice and enforcement of the law.

August 2011 

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