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Et4G is a not-for-profit humanitarian, charitable and social enterprise with strong Christian values.  Et4G provides the following among other services:mentoring,life coaching, motivational, advice, sign posting, awareness etc and facilitation for young people between the ages of 16years to 25 years old in the south east of England, particularly for those who are falling out of mainstream education or those who have fallen out of it (otherwise known as not in education, employment or not in trainging, NEET), without discriminating others who may need support. We are based in the south east. 

Et4G aim to work in partnership with local collages, the police, local authorities and the court system (particularly for young adult).   Et4G’s goal is to foster a commitment to young adult in these groups that will promote socio-educational awareness through social interaction, sports, education, music, drama, motivational speaking, life coaching and ministry.   Our application is holistic using common sense and streetwise approach.

Et4G aims to foster understanding, cooperation, respect and responsibility by educating, inspiring, motivating, positively challenging, empowering and engaging young people and adults in this group of multi-faith diverse settings.  In addition, our programme aims to develop strong interpersonal skills for our target group, and reassert their sense of hope in preparation for the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be established (or re-established) and enhanced so that our target groups would be committed to follow through a path to success with a sense of pride and anticipated accomplishment of their goal(s).




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Through repeated failures in academic pursuit, family break down and anti social behaviour, some young adults (including some adults) have lost faith in the possibilities that await them if they are successful in putting their lives back together with support. To accomplish this goal, young adult must be in a caring, inclusive learning environment and have good role models among other things, which promotes their best interest and reinforces personal respect, rights and corresponding responsibilities.

Et4G is a programme that is in direct response to the growing number of young adult that are either falling for various reasons including those who are already entangled with antisocial behaviour. The goal of the programme among others is to identify those who need support and make referrals where necessary and or offer positive support to them where appropriate to help them avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. Each individual may have different requirement.  However the goal remains the same: to inspire, empower, mentor, motivate, challenge and support young people (or as the case maybe an young adult who may need support) to make positive changes in their lives.

The other strand of et4G is its social enterprise engagement in the local community.  Et4G creates business opportunities for the locals including the over 18s to engage in business with the public.   For further information see our business opportunity section.

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Supporting young people and young adults in the south east of England.



Et4G’s support gave me a reassuring calmness to realise it is never too late  to make it in life. 

Hanita. H.