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Innovative Calendar 2013/14

Advantages Why Your Business Should Advertise With Us For Just £50 For One Year:

Our Calendar is innovative & Futuristic i.e. 2013/14. It maybe timeless if you wish to carry on advertising with us.

Your business would become a household name with a strong visual impact.

Our calendar creates the in your face Impact, if it is hung in a strategic section on the wall. That means people are constantly reminded of your business.

With our free raffle associated with the purchase of the calendar, people may buy more than one and give to their families and friends creating more coverage and generating more sales.

Given that small businesses are up against big businesses, our calendar gives your business a competitive edge as only small businesses are targeted and allowed to advertise with us.
Your business is up against other small businesses. Your competitive edge is against other competitors and those who do not advertise.

Your business is up against businesses on the Internet. Most people have an idea in mind of what they are looking for on the internet before going to look them up. Our calendar helps remind people of your business.

Our calendar complements the Internet.

Your business is up against the austerity period. Given the current economic climate, it is cost effective for your business to advertise with us.


In addition our calendar is below this page in jpg format and can be downloaded.

Businesses may be willing to let us put their links on our website for free.

Sustainability is important for every business, given the economic climate.

Further Advantages
Calendar ad v Internet. Our calendar complements the internet.
Calendar ad v leaflets. Leaflets are considered junks and may be chucked in the bin.
Calendar ad v radio. Cost effective and competitively wide coverage
Calendar ad v TV. Cost effective and competitively wide coverage

Psychological Advantage of our ad being seen daily, in effect acquaints people with your business name.

Creating Jobs for the local economy.

At participating news paper shops/agents across London and in particular, in your geographical area.

Please contact the administrator for further information at administrator@et4g.co.uk


How To Enter Our  Free Raffle Online
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 Make payment by Paypal
Win Win Win Situation For All 
Terms & Conditions
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Joe Cobham,
4 May 2013, 16:06