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“Statistics indicate that the level of excluded young people and young adults from the education system in the south east is improving” Source:

More needs to be done.  You can help us enhance young people’s lives in the south  east in various ways.

Et4G is non-for-profit organisation providing advice and mentoring service through various programmes for young people in the south east.

Et4G is also a social enterprise helping to create job opportunities for young and local people in the south east.  Please visit our website for further details.

 We pride ourselves with quality, transparency, accountability and responsibility in our work.

You can help us in various ways by:
  • Volunteering  your time
  • Giving us one-off donation
  • Giving us monthly donation
  • Becoming a role model
  • And much more... please visit our website for further information.      
  Your help will help us with:
  • Cost of facilitating our programmes for young people 
  • Podcasting cost, research and development
  • Staff payment and Payment of expenses for volunteers
  • Payment of expenses for volunteers
  • Paying  for a new and more suitable office premises & running cost.
With your collective support we can achieve our objectives.
 At the moment our facilities only accepts cheques, bank drafts, electronic transfer or cash donation should our fundraisers visit you. Please make cheques payable to Et4G limited.
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